Lab testing of SATO DT wristbands indicate positive results

23 January 2019
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SATO direct thermal wristbands are an anti-microbial wristband based on ISO standards and are perfect for printing barcodes. They also feature an option of either adhesive or clip closure and are soft on the skin, also promoting aeration.

During November 2016 and March 2017, SATO conducted a number of lab tests around the globe. The publishing of a white paper then outlined the results. Including print durability, resistance, data conservation and skin irritation across three different wristband versions.

SATO DT wristbands have many certifications such as being antimicrobial as well as free of substances such as latex, iron, iron oxide and phthalates. And as such, the testing of these wristbands only confirms these certifications even further.

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How did testing of SATO DT wristbands occur?

SATO DT wristbands were printed with a barcode using a SATO CT4I printer. This was printed at 204 DPI, along with optimum speed and darkness settings. Based on the ability of the band to be scanned, a pass or fail was then allocated.

Results: Ultimate strength and durability

Band durability was tested using soap, hand sanitizer and alcohol. And for abrasion and betadine durability, warm water and finally tensile strength. Impressively, each band type passed the test successfully.

Results: Great resistance and conservation of data

Over 2 weeks, ten volunteers carried out their regular activities whilst wearing the wristbands. A grading system was then used to work out resistance. Anything below grade-c was not passable. Because data remained legible, each band was issued with a grade c. In summary, 9 out of 10 bands retained their data after 2 weeks.

patient wristband

Results: Minimal patient skin irritation

It was found that the wristbands caused little to no skin irritation. And this was confirmed by a HET CAM test near the chorioallantoic membrane of hens eggs.

The results are clear: SATO DT wristbands are comfortable, resistant and durable for patients

It is essential for patient wristbands to be able to withstand the potentially harsh conditions of a hospital environment. They must be resistant to harsh substances used in hospitals and should retain data despite repeated exposure to this. They must also be durable, with the ability to withstand wear and tear. And finally, be comfortable for patients to wear. With this in mind, we are proud to say that as a result of extensive lab testing performed on SATO DT wristbands, they are fully resistant to these factors. And as such, we feel make a great choice for patient wristbands. To learn more, why not look at the DT wristbands page on the ASL website where they can also be ordered on-line.