Why is the SATO TT wristband the perfect choice for a hospital environment?

17 January 2019
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When choosing the ideal thermal transfer patient wristband, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

Arguably, the most important is patient comfort. Patients can be in hospital for long periods of time. As such, if their wristband is irritating to skin or the materials within the wristband are causing discomfort, this will have a significant effect on their stay.

Hygiene is another important consideration. If a wristband harbours many germs, this not only puts other patients at risk, but also potentially delays the treatment of the patient wearing the band.

Robustness is essential when choosing a patient wristband. If substances commonly used in hospitals such as hand sanitizer or alcohol erase patient data on the band, this can cause confusion and perhaps even cause the patient to be given the wrong medication through lack of identification.

Other important considerations when choosing the perfect patient wristband include the security it can offer. I.e. the ability to keep patient data secure. And ensuring that the band remains secure on the patients wrist at all times.

SATO Adult TT Wristbands exceed all of these requirements

Patient comfort. SATO adult TT wristbands are suitable for patients with sensitive skin. As well as being manufactured from a soft material, they promote skin aeration and have passed many ISO standards making them latex and iron oxide free. They are also non-cytotoxic and non-irritant.

Hygiene. SATO adult TT wristbands have many features that promote patient health and eliminate the spread of germs. They are antimicrobial which means that they are resistant to harmful microorganisms that may exist in the hospital environment.

Robustness. SATO adult TT wristbands are capable of withstanding conditions typical of harsh hospital environments. They are thermally printed, meaning that data is printed crisp and remains robust during the patients stay for up to three weeks. And substances such as alcohol, detergent and cleansing oil will not degrade the print.

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Security. SATO adult TT wristbands ensure high levels of patient confidentiality and reduced risk of data loss. The wristband will always remain secure on the patients wrist thanks to the econano clip. And the wristbands also feature a security ribbon which keeps the patient ID private.

Environmentally friendly. SATO adult TT wristbands feature econano technology. This means that when the wristband is incinerated, the amount of CO2 absorbed into the atmosphere is kept to a minimum.

Choice. SATO adult TT wristbands are available in a range of colours and come in either 15mm or 30mm widths. SATO adult TT wristbands come in packs of 600 bands.

What is thermal transfer printing and what are its advantages?

Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing method where material is applied to a medium. A coating of ribbon is melted which glues to the medium to create the final print.

There are many advantages to using thermal transfer printing. Printing can be achieved quickly, a high-resolution output is possible and the entire process is eco-friendly. This is because it uses less ink than other methods of printing. Thermal transfer printing is particularly suitable for heat sensitive surfaces or when a durable print is essential.

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Why should I buy SATO Adult TT Wristbands?

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the perfect patient wristband. Including things such as patient comfort and hygiene, robustness and security of patient data. Thankfully, SATO Adult TT Wristbands exceed all of these requirements. Making them a strong contender in the patient wristband marketplace. ASL Labels stock SATO Adult TT Wristbands through their website. Contact ASL today to place an order or to find out more.