Correct food labeling is crucial. Here’s why.

30 January 2019

Before the introduction of food labeling in the 90s, choosing what food you could eat if you had a food allergy, diabetes, coeliac disease, or another dietary restriction was something of a gamble.

For people with food allergies, something as small as a trace of nuts, shellfish or soy can mean an untimely trip to the hospital for them, and potential legal action for the parties selling it. Grapefruits are known to interact with various drugs, potentially resulting in a delayed effect or an adverse reaction. For diabetics, knowing how much sugar and carbohydrates are in their food is essential to maintain their blood glucose over time and avoiding dangerous situations like hypoglycemia.

These, and several other issues can make buying and selling food a nightmare, except for one thing: food labels. Ingredients, Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)’s, packaging information, allergy warnings, nutritional information and so on can all be listed on a corner of the package. To say this is a lifesaver is an understatement: it allows people to make real choices with their food, picking what is right for them and avoiding food that can harm their health.

Why Food Labeling is Important

Why food labeling is good for business

Food labeling is the part of the package that most customers ignore, but for the health-conscious or those with conditions that require a strict diet, food labels are the eye-catchers. Good nutritional content, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, low-sugar or low-fat: seeing these on the package determines a lot of food purchases, especially as the world trends to fad diets and healthier dining.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you want your packaging to reflect the quality of your food. Boast of your product’s quality, and watch people strip the shelves. At Accurate Systems Labelling, we offer custom labels in a range of sizes and colours which can be fully customised to match your branding. If you would like to contact us regarding your labelling requirements, please use our online form. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.