Why should I buy SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands?

28 December 2018
rfid wristband

It is fair to say that hospital environments can be harsh. As such, it is essential that wristbands are durable enough to meet demanding hospital environments. A patient ID wristband should ensure a number of different things during a patient stay. Including:

Patient comfort. In order to make a quick recovery, it is essential that during their stay, patients are disturbed as little as possible. The comfort of a wristband is also important too. Specifically, it should not be irritating to the patients skin.

Data protection. Patient data is highly confidential and should remain secure at all times. Only being accessible to the people that need to see it. If a wristband becomes lost, data can get into the wrong hands. And ultimately, privacy can become compromised.

Versatility. The primary purpose of a wristband is to allow patient identification. However, wouldn’t it be great if wristbands could also allow other things?

Resistance. Hospital environments can be harsh with constant use of substances such as hot water and hand sanitizer. Resultantly, patient data should remain legible. Even after repeated exposure to harsh substances.

Hygiene. Hospitals can carry all sorts of diseases and infections. Meaning that wristbands should be as resistant as possible to this, ensuring that the patient can make a full recovery as quickly as possible.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification.

RFID tags contain encoded digital data. When held close to a reader, radio waves are transmitted and data is encoded.

Barcoding is a concept comparable to RFID. i.e. data from a tag is captured through a reader, which is then stored in a database. However, RFID has many benefits over barcoding. For example, RFID tags can be read from a distance whereas barcodes require an optical scanner.

How does RFID work?

RFID is part of a group of technologies known as automatic identification and data capture (AIDC). AIDC is a technology which automatically identifies objects, collecting information about them and then adds the data to a computer.

sato rfid wristband

RFID systems are made up of three components. An RFID tag, a reader and an antenna. RFID tags contain an integrated circuit and antenna. These components allow the transmitting of data to the RFID reader. So radio waves become converted into more readable forms of data.

RFID tags

RFID tags contain an integrated circuit and antenna. All held together by a protective material. RFID tags come in a range of shapes and sizes and come in two different versions: active or passive. The most commonly used are passive tags. They are smaller than their counterparts and are less pricey to implement. However, they do require powering up before data can be transmitted. Contrastingly, active tags contain their own power supply. So at all times, data can be transmitted.

Why are the SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands a good choice?

We believe that SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands are a good choice because they:

Ensure patient comfort at all times. SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands can be scanned from up to two meters away unlike wristbands containing barcodes. This means the patients will not be disturbed. SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands are also gentle on skin. Ensuring the highest level of patient comfort at all times.

Keep data secure on the wristband. SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands feature a tamper-proof adhesive enclosure. Ensuring the wristband remains on the patients wrist and data remains secure all the time.

Go beyond just patient identification. RFID wristbands go beyond just patient identification. They can also be used for access control. As such, rooms requiring restricted access can have NFC readers placed near them.

Are resistant to the harsh hospital environment. SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands are resistant to substances such as hot water, soap and solvents. And information should still be legible, even after one week.

Help maintain good levels of hygiene. SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands are antimicrobial and latex free.

Where can I buy the SATO RFID line patient ID wristband?

ASL Labels can supply SATO RFID line patient ID wristbands. Contact us today to place an order or to find out more.