SATO DT & TT wristbands. An eco-friendly wristband that helps reduce carbon emissions

02 January 2019
patient wristband

Some of the patient wristband lines produced by SATO feature ECONANO technology. A new technology which reduces the amount of CO2 produced from incinerating wristbands and labels.

SATO DT & TT wristbands feature ECONANO technology. But how does this work?

When labels and patient wristbands are incinerated, CO2 is released into the atmosphere as a result. Wristbands with SATO ECONANO technology are different. This is because the adhesive within the product contains a CO2 absorbent. As such, when the label is incinerated, CO2 emissions are reduced by 20% because the CO2 is converted to other substances via a chemical reaction. In the long term, making the switch to products featuring ECONANO technology, the amount of CO2 reduced at the point of incineration could equal up to 224 kg. Which is equivalent of up to 4,814 plastic bags.

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Why is it so important to reduce the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere?

Increased amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere contributes to the greenhouse effect and possibly climate change as well. Over the past 100 years, greenhouse gases such as CO2 have increased as a result of human activity. And ultimately, increased concentrations of these gases may cause irreversible changes to climate. Including the potential for more catastrophic events such as flooding, drought, and wildfires.

Help reduce carbon emissions by using SATO DT & TT wristbands with ECONANO technology

With this in mind, businesses should think about how they can be conscious of the impact they are having on the environment. It has never been more important to begin to think about ways which carbon emissions can be reduced. The ECONANO technology produced by SATO offers businesses a great starting point to work towards this. The ECONANO range of products helps all types of businesses achieve their environmental targets.

Where can I buy SATO DT & TT patient wristbands featuring ECONANO technology?

ASL Labels stock DT and TT wristbands. Two types of wristband that feature ECONANO technology. If you would like to place an order, contact us today to see how we can help.